Baby Shower Themes & Planning Tips — Lala By Nee

We believe that themes make party planning (and attending) so much easier and fun! Whether you're planning your own or coordinating for someone close to you, here are some tips we always find helpful:

Baby Shower Theme 

1. Decide on the theme — are you going gender specific or neutral? Are you sticking to a color schematic? 

Safari Theme Party Food


2. Start sending out baby shower invitations! 

    • Usually about six weeks in advance, send out digital or mailed invites
    • If you need an exact headcount, digital may be more efficient!
3. Don't hold back, go all in for the baby shower!


Safari Themed Cookies

4. Create a general timeline (and know that it may not always go exactly as planned)
      • Do you want it to be formal or more casual? Sit down vs. nibbles?
      • Do you want a main activity that involves the whole groups participation or do you want a couple games that guests could do at their own convenience? 
      • If all of your guests don't know each other, do you want to mix up the table or have people sit with only their friends?

Have questions about planning your baby shower? Set up a consultation call with us! We are happy to work with you exclusively to bring your vision to life!