Designing Your Dream Baby Nursery— Lala By Nee

Deciding on nursery decor and design can be overwhelming! From wallpaper to artwork, lighting and furniture, getting started can be tricky! Find some of our favorite advise below:

1) Identify some of your favorite things to include in the nursery:

2) Decide on a color scheme for the nursery:

  • Warm neutral tones vs. bright and vibrant colors?
  • Do you know the gender yet? Do you prefer be specific?

3) How much wall space do you have to work with for your nursery? 

  • Do you prefer hanging artwork (a set of 3) or wallpaper?


Your Dream Baby Nursery


Have questions about decorating your dream baby nursery? Set up a consultation call with us! We are happy to work with you exclusively to bring your vision to life!