Tips on creating the perfect baby nursery — Lala By Nee

A nursery should be you and your baby's sanctuary. A happy place not only for your little one, but somewhere where you feel at ease and love.


Creating the perfect baby nursery


Some tips to creating the perfect space:

1) Stick to a theme: Jungle, Ocean, Floral? Bright and colorful or neutral tones? Decide what you want your theme to be and then decide on a color palette. Check out our Lala By Nee collection to start getting you inspired!

2) Nursery furniture essentials: A basinet/ crib, a changing table, a great rocking chair (for you!), a dresser or drawers and a trash nearby!

3) Stay organized: When you're expecting, it can seem really overwhelming with all the bottles, blankets and bibs! We love keeping organized with labels and baskets!

4) Explore shelving: Shelving creates height and dimension in a space. Utilizing shelving for things that you need access to regularly and also maybe some fun plants and art!

5) Start decorating: Artwork is everything when it comes to a nursery! This is the place to get creative. From wallpaper, to framed art, canvas prints and family photos, this is where the room starts to come alive! Have fun with it!

Have questions about creating your perfect baby nursery and where to get startedSet up a consultation call with us! We are happy to work with you exclusively to bring your vision to life!